$150 per person

Ranch Riders provides young people with the opportunity to learn some horsemanship skills, as well as improving their riding ability.

Beginners – The Beginner Ranch Riders programme is designed for those who have never ridden a horse before and would like to have a go, or for those who have had a few lessons but are still figuring out the basics. It is ideal for any rider just starting out on their pony experience.

Intermediate – The Intermediate Ranch Riders programme is designed for those who have had at least 5 – 6 lessons already and are wanting to hone their skills. It is ideal for those riders who are looking to improve their ability to ride at a trot or for those who are capable of trotting and are moving toward learning to canter. This programme is ideal for those with a good foundational understanding of working around horses but are keen to learn more.

Suitable for ages 10 to 17 years.

Autumn Dates


Tuesday 23rd April


Monday 22nd April - limited places remaining


Winter Dates


Monday 8th July

Wednesday 17th July

Friday 19th July


Thursday 11th July


We will open more Ranch Riders days over the Spring holidays.  Dates will be available soon.