When Teen Ranch first opened in 1961, there was a single building on the property. Pomare, a historically listed residence over a century old became the centre of the new ministry.  Over the first several years, as the popularity of the Ranch grew, there was a scramble to build new dining facilities, bunkhouses, amenities block and recreation facilities.

Over the years these facilities have been refurbished, updated, demolished, and rebuilt to produce the beautiful, clean and up-to-date facilities now used on site.

Pomare, affectionately known as the “Whitehouse”, remains and is used as accommodation for full-time staff of the Ranch.

#32 Pomare

Kitchen and Dining Hall

Our state-of-the-art kitchen is capable of producing hundreds of meals each week.  Each programme is fully catered.  Each meal is prepared from fresh ingredients and retains a ‘home-made’ taste which is appealing to all our campers, who frequently express their satisfaction by returning for more.  The kitchen team are dedicated to ensuring appropriate and nutritious meals are prepared according to the needs of the group, including any specific dietary requests for individuals.

The large dining hall at Teen Ranch was one of the first buildings to be added to the site.  Over the years it has been expanded to accommodate up to 180 people for a meal and air conditioning has been added for the comfort of our diners.  

Recreational Hall


The large recreational hall at Teen Ranch is suitable to be used for meetings, evening entertainment (including high energy games), and free time activities.  It contains a table tennis table for use of campers during free time.  The hall is equipped with a PA system, data projector and a projector screen which is available for use by groups upon request.

Teacher’s Lounge


A lounge space has been set aside for the use of group leaders.  Equipped with a fridge, TV, gas heater and board games, it is the perfect place for group leaders to escape and unwind amidst the busyness of camp.  An Espresso coffee machine is also available for the use of group leaders.

Bunkhouses and Amenities


The main bunkhouse is fully air-conditioned, with 12 bunkrooms available, 2 of which are ensuite rooms.  The bunkhouse is capable of comfortably sleeping 130 campers.

The amenities are situated in the centre of the bunkhouse enabling easy access for all campers.  A disabled bathroom is available if required.

Click here to download the main bunkhouse plan.

Additional Bunkhouse


The 'grey house', additional bunkhouse has a 64-bed capacity and is also fully air-conditioned.  In this building there is also a hotel style room available upon request, for the use of teachers or special guests.

Click here to download the additional bunkhouse plan.



The Teen Ranch barn was built in 2005, to replace the original stables, and has become the hub of our horse programme.  While the horses graze in any of the number of paddocks around the 40-acre property, the barn allows a central place for their care.  The barn is also where the grooming component of the horse riding activity takes place and where campers are introduced to safe behaviours and actions whilst around the animals.



Open between September to April, our pool is a great way to cool off and refresh through the hotter months.  When open, the 23m pool is fully supervised by appropriately qualified staff and offers our guests a fun way to relax at the end of a hot day.  With beautifully sparkling clean water, this facility is used for free time or organised group activities.


Free Time Spaces


We provide a large open area for use of groups during free time, just beyond the back deck.  This space includes a full-sized basketball court, a cricket pitch and a beach volleyball court as well as large, shaded areas for campers to enjoy active or passive recreational time between scheduled activities and meals.

Snack Bar


If desired, groups can have access to our Snack Bar.  This facility is stocked with snacks, drinks, and souvenirs for sale.  Available on request only.