The holiday programme was the initial purpose of Teen Ranch.  With youth coming to Cobbitty from all over the Sydney basin to experience the adventure of a new type of camping in Australia, a place where they were able to experience a variety of activities from horse riding to campfires.  Over the years the holiday programme grew, drawing hundreds of campers and volunteer staff each school holiday period.

Holiday Adventure Days 

Our Holiday Adventure Programme is a series of day activities, tailor made to suit busy schedules and diverse interests.  Each day programme is specifically designed for a fun and challenging experience for our guests.  With a variety of options available each school holiday period, guests can choose an adventure to suit them, visiting as often as they please to hone their skills or to try their hand at new skills each day.

There are limited places available for the each day adventure, so be sure to get your applications in soon.

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Other Information about the Teen Ranch Adventure Days

Drop off is from 8:00 - 8:30am

Teen Ranch staff will give a general site orientation at 8:30am.

Activities commence at 8:45am.

At least 3 specialist activities will be provided throughout the day, depending on the adventure programme selected.

Morning Tea and Lunch are provided.

Snack Bar and Trading Post will be open from 3:45pm.

Pick up is from 4:00 - 4:30pm

All campers are encouraged to bring a water bottle, hat and sunscreen with them. 

Enclosed shoes must be worn.

For any activity day which includes horse riding, participants must wear long pants to be able to ride.

Ranch Riders

$150 per person

Roping Adventures

$130 per person

Thrills and Skills

$130 per person

The Classics

$130 per person

Busy Bush

$80 per person

Teen Ranch - A Day in the Life

$80 per person

Up, Up & Away

$80 per person

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Upcoming Holiday Programmes