Teen Ranch provides a wide selection of activities suitable for groups of varying ages.

Each activity is facilitated by our qualified and experienced staff, according to industry standards.

All activities at Teen Ranch are designed as ‘Challenge by Choice’.  This means that each participant is encouraged to challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new whilst being free to stop at any point when they feel they have reached their limit.  This allows each participant to be in control of their experience at each activity.

Horse Riding and Grooming

A horse-riding session at Teen Ranch is a great way to introduce young people to the basic skills necessary to be around and ride horses safely.  The safety briefing includes information that encourages participants to be aware that they will be dealing with live animals and to act accordingly in their interactions with the horses.  The session includes a horse care section, where participants are taught and encouraged to groom their horse, and a riding lesson.  The lessons are contained to the corral, where participants are shown by our fully qualified instructors, how to guide their horse through a series of obstacles at a pace which is suitable for beginners.  Please note that horse riding is not available on the weekends.

For younger campers (aged 8 - 10) a grooming only session is available (paired with either Archery, Pool Games or Giant Slide).  In this session participants will be introduced to the basics of horse care and will be given an opportunity to groom one of our horses using specialised brushes.

High Ropes

The High Ropes course upgrade is now complete!

This course is designed to be accessible to a wider range of ages and abilities.  With easy access and a continuous belay system, the course is an excellent addition to any adventure at the Ranch.  Each element is unique, providing participants with a variety of challenges, including some requiring assistance from peers on the ground, and the course finishes with an exciting flying fox dismount.

Our qualified instructors will present all participants with a safety and skills briefing, providing close supervision whilever a participant is at height.  This is an excellent activity for extending participants by building confidence, balance, trust, teamwork and risk assessment ability.

Climbing Tower

Our outdoor climbing wall provides several options for climbing and an opportunity for abseiling.  A 10m artificial surface, it is specifically designed to offer a variety of difficulty levels for all climbers.

Rock Climbing

Our experienced instructors teach climbing skills, including belaying, and provide opportunities for participants to refine their skills. This activity fosters confidence, motor coordination, problem-solving, communication, trust, teamwork, accountability, and responsibility.


Our qualified instructors assist participants to face the fear of taking the first step off a high surface and using a safety rope and self-belay.  Abseiling is an excellent activity for improving confidence, trust, accountability, peer support and responsibility.


Archery is an increasingly popular leisure activity, which encourages hand-eye coordination, develops spatial awareness, and promotes patience as participants learn to refine their skills after each shot.  An Archery session at Teen Ranch introduces campers to the necessary skills with an experienced instructor guiding participants safely through the entire process. Each participant is given multiple opportunities to try out this new skill, and under the guidance of the instructor, to develop and hone their skills with the aim of improvement on each new shot.

Archery Tag

We are excited to introduce a brand new activity:  Archery Tag!

Archery Tag is a physically active team building activity, utilising archery skills. Played in a designated combat area, using foam tipped arrows, players participate in a series of games to help their team achieve victory.  Designed to be all inclusive and engaging to all ages and abilities, Archery Tag is a fun and action filled activity that would be an enjoyable addition to any Ranch adventure.  

Giant Swing

Built as part of the ropes course, this 10-metre-high swing challenges participants to step out of their comfort zone to soar out over a natural hollow.  Participants are seated in a customised harness and attached to four cables suspended from the giant swing structure.  A crowd haul system is utilised to raise the swing participant from the resting position to a height of their choice.  The swing release is self-activated by the participant and can be released at any point.  This exciting activity is a favourite amongst groups of all ages.  It encourages participants to assess risks and make decisions according to that assessment, allowing them to control their own experience.  It also fosters teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and peer support skills.

Bush Skills

The Australian bush can be a harsh environment.  The purpose of this activity is to introduce campers to survival in the bush. Our instructors will guide campers through the potential dangers they may encounter as well as pointing out the many beautiful aspects of our bushland. Participants will be given the opportunity to try their hand at constructing a hut for shelter from the elements, cook on an open fire (weather permitting) and other bush survival related activities.

Challenge Course

Problem solving, group work, and thinking outside of the box are all skills which are necessary for young people to develop.  Our purpose-built Challenge Course, set in native bushland, is designed to develop, and encourage such skills.  It involves a series of interesting and challenging initiative activities designed to be solved only when the group works together.  Communication, coordination, lateral thinking, leadership, and trust are just a few of the qualities this course develops and highlights as participants progress through each of the elements.

Pool Games

Available from September to April.

Pool Games is a fun activity in which participants engage in a variety of water activities designed to encourage water safety and have some fun in the water.  All our instructors hold a current Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion and will lead the group through a series of planned activities followed by a short amount of supervised free time in the water, if time permits.  This activity can be tailored to suit the needs of the group and includes a basic swim test at the start.

Crate Climb

This indoor activity allows participants to experience the roping skills of belaying and climbing under the supervision and guidance of our qualified and experienced instructors.  Campers will be challenged to create and climb a tower constructed of crates, while their teammates provide assistance and construct the tower to climb.  This activity is ideal for building teamwork, trust, problem solving and communication skills, as well as developing motor coordination and confidence.


Map reading and bush navigation are important skills for our young people to develop.  Orienteering at Teen Ranch seeks to introduce participants to the basics of map reading, including using landmarks and grid references to navigate.  Participants will be encouraged to work with their small group to locate several markers around the beautiful Teen Ranch property.  This activity promotes teamwork, leadership and positive communication as well as developing self-confidence, problem solving skills, time management and the ability to assess risks in a supervised environment.

Wet Games and Giant Slide

Available from September to April.

Designed to keep participants cool in the warmer months, Wet Games are a series of interactive and fun games which encourage teamwork, physical activity and good sportsmanship.  They are often accompanied by peels of laughter as everyone gets soaked.

The giant slide is an exciting 50m long slip and slide.  It is a favourite among many campers and participants traditionally love the experience.  This activity encourages physical activity and peer support as the group watches their peers speed down the hill.