(If this number cannot be guaranteed, Teen Ranch may arrange a combined booking with a similar group)


MINIMUM COST:  The campsite reserves the right to charge for a minimum of 70% of the numbers indicated on the booking form, or for 30 campers (whichever is the larger number), unless notification is given to Teen Ranch at least 2 months prior to the camp date.


PAYMENT PROCEDURE:  Once this booking form is received, we will invoice your school/group with a $400 camp holding deposit.
We will forward a second invoice (with the final balance) after the completion of your camp.

The cost per person for camp is cited on the booking form for your school/group.

One teacher/leader for every 24 students (or part thereof) will be charged at half the cost of the camp, all other teachers/leaders will be charged the full cost of the camp.

Camp fees are per person and include accommodation, meals, program, all activities and are subject to minimum annual rise of 5%.

GST will not be charged on this rate in accordance with Section 38-250 of A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999


CAMP PROGRAM:  Our camps are fully programmed, and a detailed program can be sent to you upon request. Program amendments can be discussed with our School Liaison upon confirmation of your camp.


CANCELLATION:  Deposit refunds will only be given for cancellations made by 2 months before your camp date.  If you cancel after this time the campsite reserves the right to retain your deposit.  In the event of a cancellation by the campsite the hirer shall be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.


AGREEMENT: The signing and return of your booking form to Teen Ranch Limited (Teen Ranch) constitutes an agreement to hire the use of the facilities from the campsite and acknowledges that the hirer has read, understood, and agrees to abide by the Conditions of Hire. Teen Ranch reserves the right to raise the final invoice based on the numbers provided a minimum of 10 days prior to the camp.


PRIVACY ACT: Teen Ranch gives assurance that any personal information including medical details gathered by Teen Ranch, or provided by the group leader, will remain confidential and only used for the purposes for which it was collected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


RISK WARNING, WAIVER AND INDEMNITY: I understand that recreational activities organised by Teen Ranch may include, but are not limited to, horse riding, abseiling, low and high ropes courses, rock climbing, abseiling, archery, archery tag, crate climb, giant swing, challenge course, pool games, bush skills, orienteering, bush walks, campfires, water slide, wide games, indoor games, initiatives, free time, swimming, sports, craft activities and other similar activities arranged from time to time (Activities). I acknowledge that the Activities are of their nature inherently dangerous. Please refer to our website for further details in relation to the Activities and the camp generally.  I understand that Teen Ranch is not responsible for any personal items or property that is lost, damaged or stolen during the Activities and/or from the campsite generally.  In signing the declaration on the booking form, I acknowledge on behalf of the group attending Teen Ranch for the camp that the paragraph above constitutes a risk warning under the terms of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (New South Wales), and I hereby on behalf of the members of our group release and indemnify Teen Ranch, its officers, employees and volunteers from and against any claims and/or liability that arises as a result of the Groups attendance at Teen Ranch and participation in the Activities to the extent permitted under the terms of that Act.


INDIVIDUAL WAIVER AND INDEMNITY FORM: By signing and returning the booking form, I warrant that I have provided each member of the group (or their parents where they are under the age of eighteen (18) years old), including teachers and group leaders (each as participants), with a copy of the Waiver and Indemnity Form sent via email (Individual Waiver and Indemnity) and indicated to them that:

  • they must sign and return the Waiver and Indemnity to me; and
  • if the signed Waiver and Indemnity is not returned to me, that by participating in the Activities, this will be taken to be confirmation that the relevant participant(s) have read and agree to the terms of the Waiver and Indemnity.

I will use my best endeavours to ensure that all signed Waiver and Indemnity Forms provided to me by participants are returned to Teen Ranch on arrival at the campsite.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: In the event of injury or illness of any student, I acknowledge that the school will be responsible at all times for obtaining necessary medical consents from the parents/guardians of students, and for contacting parents/guardians, but in the event of emergency, on behalf of the School I authorise Teen Ranch to obtain all necessary medical assistance, including ambulance transport and hospital accommodation, and the School agrees to pay for all related fees and expenses.