Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book in my child for a Roundup camp?
Please download, complete and email us your application form.

Where do I send the application form? 
Please email to 

Do you take creative kids or active kids vouchers? 
No, we do not qualify to accept these under the voucher requirements.

How can I volunteer for these holidays? Can I complete my Duke of Ed residency hours at Teen Ranch? 
Yes! Please head to our "Getting Involved" section and complete all the relevant forms. Just a heads up, all volunteers will be temperature checked and asked screening questions at arrival. 

Can I call and speak to my child during the camp week?
Yes, absolutely. There are better times to suit the program, but we will definitely organise a time to organise a call.

Do I have to pay the full amount up front? Are there any payment plans available?
No, you do not need to pay the full amount up front. If you need to discuss payments, please call our office for further information.

Are there any discounts?
Yes, if you book in a sibling or friend for the same school holidays, please fill out and email a 5% Sibling or Refer a Friend Discount form.

How many spaces do you have left?
Please email an application form as soon as possible. Sometimes between phone calls, spaces can book out very quickly.

Any other questions, please call or email us!

Click here to download an application form.