Voluntary Staff

Volunteer Network

The 70+ volunteers who come to Teen Ranch annually come from the local Sydney area, across Australia, and from across the world.

Teen Ranch has a core group of around 20 full-time staff who live and work on the property. There is also an active voluntary staff network of around 70 young people (aged from 16 years old and up) from Sydney and surrounding areas. These volunteers supplement our staffing needs primarily during the school holiday camps (Roundups), but are always welcome any time. We also have numerous international visitors (aged from 18 years old) who volunteer for a period of up to 6 months.

Lending a Helping Hand

As a volunteer you may find yourself doing anything from helping in the Kitchen, to assisting on an activity or, during school holiday camps, leading in the cabins. Each of these roles are essential to the smooth running of our camps and we aim to give staff experience in as many areas as possible.

Staff Community

Aside from what you are able to contribute to the Ranch as a voluntary staff member, we see it as our privilege and responsibility to contribute to you! As a community of committed Christian young people we look forward to getting to know you, sharing life together and serving you in whatever way we can.

For many staff (full-time and volunteer), their time at Teen Ranch is one of personal and spiritual growth, as they deepen in their relationship with Jesus Christ. For some voluntary staff, Teen Ranch is the place where, for the first time, they seriously consider who Jesus is and what it would mean to follow Him.

If you are an Australian and would like to apply for voluntary staff, please refer to the Introductory Letter (Australian Volunteers) and associated forms.

If you are applying from overseas please refer to the Introductory Letter (International Volunteers) for more information regarding visa requirements and police checks. Before beginning the application process, please contact the Voluntary Staff Coordinator,  to let us know roughly when you are planning to be in Australia.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or email the Voluntary Staff Coordinator.