• Welcome to our Blog!

    Welcome to our Blog!


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    Hi and welcome to Teen Ranch’s new blog! 

    This blog is written by the Teen Ranch staff for you guys – anybody who has been on camp here at Teen Ranch and wants to stay connected with us, find out more about God and what it actually means to follow Jesus.  

    This is the place to come to read interesting articles, watch great videos, comment on everything and ask questions. We don’t get tired of answering young people’s questions about life and we’re sure you've got a few – so send them into us and we’ll try and give you an answer that will make sense! 

    We’ll answer your questions, put up some great content from around the web, talk about important social issues, share staff stories, discuss specific books from the Bible, show you what’s been happening recently at Teen Ranch, comment on current events, give you some music or movie reviews and lots more! There will always be something new and exciting to check out! 

    Every Friday we’ll post something new to get you thinking about some of the deeper things in life. We welcome any comments, questions or answers you have about these articles. You’ll be able to post comments below either through your Facebook account or by signing up to Disqus. But please keep it friendly and do make sure that you follow our terms of use when using this website. And why not share what you’ve been reading with your friends through social media? 

    Enjoy the blog guys and girls and remember to check it out every Friday afternoon to see our newest post!