• The Great I Am

    The Great I Am


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    Last week we looked at what it meant to HEAR the way God had intended when he spoke to the Israelites.

    This week I wanted to take you back to an article we shared with you earlier in the year. To not use the Lords name in vain is a well-known commandment from when Moses was up on Mt Sinai with God and is one that I wanted to revisit.

    While reading through the Bible you will have discovered there are a great many names for God. The commandment doesn't speak about those varying names but the name God gives himself, as well as how we handle it, which is to be with respect and reverence.

    At the time the video below had not been produced and is a fantastic look into how we come to have the word ‘LORD’ and be reminded again of the seriousness of using the His name appropriately. It is also the second video in a new series The Bible Project is doing as they go through Deuteronomy 6:4-6, also known as ‘The Shema’



    I hope you enjoy learning more of the background behind our faith. Also, I really hope this serves to grow the depth of our praise and adoration for the greatness and wonder of our Lord, the one who was, the one who is and the one who forever will be.