• Singing Through The Night

    Singing Through The Night


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     ‘When Murree Christian School, a school for missionary children, was attacked, the whole Christian community was shaken.  Miraculously none of the students lost their lives, but six of the Pakistani support staff were killed.  In a terrorist attack on Tazila Christian Hospital, three nurses were killed and several others wounded.  During a Christmas meeting in a Christian village, a church was attacked and three children died while thirteen children and their parents were wounded.  Every time something like that happened, shock waves rippled through the Christian community.

    “Mommy, are we going to be killed today?” Dawood asked one Sunday morning. “What is heaven like? We are probably going to be in heaven today!”

    The words pierced Maryam’s heart like a sword. Along with many other Christians they knew, their family kept going to church, despite the danger.  They could not and would not give in to the terrorists’ threats.  But hearing her son expressing fears troubled her deeply.' Page 89
    This exert is just one of the many stories throughout this book that show us just what some of the Christians in this world face. 

    Maryam & her husband live in Pakistan with their two children. What used to be a community where Christians & Muslims lived alongside each other with little interruption into each other’s lives all changed when the September 11 terrorist attack hit America. From small amounts of discrimination came large and dangerous threats of violence and death.  After this worldwide event, Muslims gave Christians in Maryam’s neighbourhood a very hard time. They still live in this (and much worse) today.

    ‘Singing through the Night’ is a brilliant book that is so helpful for Christians to read. It shows us just what it is like for Christians in other parts of the world. Reading this book will challenge you. It will remind you just how easy we have it living here in Australia in terms of persecution. But it will push and move you to see the urgency of sharing the truths that we know with those around us. 

    Let’s not get lazy & complacent in our walk with Christ. Let’s be challenged to look outside our comfortable lives and help make a difference in what really matters. Contact us if you would like help in getting a copy of this book. If you have read it or something similar then let us know what you think below.