• Seek Your Kingdom

    Seek Your Kingdom


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    I've been anxious, I can't sleep
    Worthless worries burden me
    I hunt the sun, chase the wind
    Till my tired spirit spins into the ground

    When I try to take control
    Fear and terror grip my soul
    I need joy, I need peace
    I need rest, I need relief
    I look to You, and You teach me to

    Seek Your kingdom
    Seek Your righteousness

    See the ravens, they can't farm
    They don't have silos, trucks or barns
    But our God sees their needs
    And He loves them and He feeds them everyday

    See the lilies, how they grow
    They don't work or buy their clothes
    But if God, by His grace, clothes the grass with great array
    Then how much more, is there in store, when I

    Seek Your kingdom
    Seek Your righteousness
    I will seek Your kingdom
    Seek Your righteousness

    When I'm worried about tomorrow, Your Will, will guide me through

    All these things in my life won't shake me, You'll take me home

    "Seek Your Kingdom" by a band called King's Kaleidoscope, is one of my favourite songs. It's based on the words of Jesus, found in the Bible in Mattthew 6: 25-34. Here, Jesus is teaching His disciples to not let the things of the world overtake their hearts, their minds and their desires. He's saying that God has everything under control, He has everything we ever need or desire, and that if we seek Him, if we truly seek and follow after God, everything we need will be provided for us. How amazing is that?

    I love listening to music like this, because not only is it awesome when a band has two drummers, but it helps me to memorise scripture and to meditate on it. This song specifically helps to me to remind myself when I forget and when I try to take control. Check out the live video below. And let me leave you with a thought...If God takes care of the birds and the flowers, why wouldn't He take care of you?