• Roadblocks



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    Construction work is slow. If you’ve ever seen road works you’ll agree that the time it takes to prepare the land for work before even building something on it that is visible, takes a lot of preparation.

    Imagine on a construction site, if anyone was allowed to wander on through. Imagine if, during roadworks, the main flow of traffic could drive over the half-constructed roundabout or road section. Construction would be downright impossible. So traffic controls are put in; witches hats, stop signals, slower driving speeds, signs and even someone as a traffic controller.

    I want you to think now about your life as a construction site with God as the architect and the builder. Part of your role is to help organise traffic control. Now we know, we don't want things being a hindrance or making things impossible so the question for you and I is, are we letting God do the work in us He has planned? 

    It might be hard to sit down and work out the accidental road blocks we have set up in life, but consider how work cannot continue on a site if the right things are being stopped and the wrong things are being allowed entry. Perhaps we need to stop our own constructions and allow the plans and designs God has to take priority in our life. Otherwise, we’re the one that misses out at the end of the day.

    Consider Proverbs 19:21 and Psalm 33:11 as well as Jesus words in Matthew 6:25-34. Do they not all suggest that the Lord’s plans are good and he knows full well what we need? Next time we get stopped because of road works, I hope we can be prompted to reflect on the work being done so that carefully laid plans can be completed both in our own lives and on the road in front of us.