• New Year, New You?

    New Year, New You?


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    What is it about a New Year that excites us? In reality, what makes January 1st any different from the day before? Yet a new year brings a sense of optimism, new opportunities, a clean slate, a fresh start. We can put behind us the mistakes of the past year and the times we’d rather forget. With great enthusiasm we resolve to lose some weight, hit the gym, spend more time with family, find love, save more money and we usually start out pretty good, but once a few weeks have passed we often find ourselves back to old habits, ease of fast food tempts us, motivation for the gym has faded, we still seem to not have enough in our account, we’re back to our old self.

    A new year often promises a clean start but often the problems travel with us.

    Are you hoping for a fresh start too? Maybe you’ve made some resolutions of your own?

    The amazing thing is that God does offer us a clean break, a real fresh start. He wants to forgive our past, and set us on a new way of living, life how he designed it. It’s possible because Jesus died in our place, which was why Jesus came into the world, to show us a new way, and to take away the punishment our rebellion from God deserves.

    Sure we still make mistakes, I know I do, but I can trust that God loves me and forgives me, a true fresh start.

    Is that the kind of fresh start you’re hoping for this year?