• Literary Styles in the Bible

    Literary Styles in the Bible


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    I hope you’ve been enjoying the Bible Project video series we’ve been following over the recent weeks. If you didn’t catch the last one, you can check out “the Story of the Bible” here. In the latest episode below, we continue on the journey of how to read the Bible by exploring origins, content and the purpose of God’s Word. To read the Bible wisely, we need to learn about the ancient literary styles used by the Biblical authors. From here we can figure out what we need to be paying attention to in each story and what questions we need to be asking from them.

    Can I challenge you to dig deeper when you’re reading the Bible? If you don’t have a study Bible, maybe see if you can get your hands on one? Or check out some commentaries that are available on the Internet? It’s important that we study the Bible so that we can listen and really understand what God wants to say to us through these stories, letters & poems.