• Gods Heart for His People

    Gods Heart for His People


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    Having looked over the last few months now at the 10 Commandments out of Exodus chapter 20, hopefully you’ve been able to pick out that the first four commands centre around how we relate to God, while the remaining six are more about how we relate to everyone else.

    This week, all that is left is to look at the very first command God gave His people. 

    “You shall have no other gods before me.”

    Exodus 20:3

    Reading the verse prior to this, God states “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” It’s a very short simple way of reminding the Israelites, just who was addressing them. It also serves to state that their rescue from Egypt was without a doubt, miraculous! This all on top of how God descended upon the mountain, as a billowing black cloud full of lightning, thunder, fire and smoke and it was no secret that this God was unequal to anything else in all of the universe.

    In reading this verse, God has also stated his trustworthiness. He gives the nation of Israel absolutely miraculous certainty that they can put their faith in Him to continue to do what He has promised. (Which going back to a promise He made to Abraham in Genesis 12:2-3, was no small thing) 

    So then as God’s children, the law and commandments describe a life lived, by faith in obedience. There would be no need to fight for self-gain by stealing, lying or killing. No need to dishonour ones parents and also no need to live at odds with the one true God that has shown Himself to be just and merciful, worthy of trust and praise and one who has shown that there is no one or no thing, anywhere like Him. Can you imagine how your outlook on life might be if it was completely at rest and trusting in a faithful and almighty God? I’ve no doubt it would line up very well alongside the law God gave His people.

    How do we go at living in faithful obedience to God? Can we get to the same point as the Psalmist does and say from the heart Oh how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.” (Psalm 119:97) Do we understand the heart of God in handing down something for the sake of the good of His people, something that would lead them to live just as God intended from the beginning of creation? A great passage that supports the idea of living obediently because of our faith is found in James 2:14-26

    Hope this stirs you to not just read the gospels and the prison epistles but also the law and the prophets. Often it might feel like the Old Testament can be harder to relate to or harder to apply, but keep digging, keep searching and seek to do it along side someone that can help you. Praying you guys keep close to God and keep listening to Him.