• God Is Able

    God Is Able


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    If you could ask God for something in your life, knowing with 100% certainty that He would grant your request, what would you ask for? Do you believe that God is able?


    I know for me, sometimes I feel like God is holding me back or keeping me from certain things. When I feel like this my perspective of God changes from a loving Father who is able to provide and care for me to a God who is holding me captive. I lose sight of who God really is, and that's a dangerous road to head down. Are you willing to trust God and have faith in His plans, even when it feels like a 'not yet', 'wait' or even 'no'?


    One thing that I’m guilty of is that I can easily forget that God is able. And when I forget, I give up praying for those circumstances and trusting that God's plans are good for me.


    God doesn’t change. His very nature cannot change. The Bible tells us that God doesn’t grow old and His power doesn’t diminish. Check out Isaiah 40:28. It says that God will not grow tired or weary. God’s not like us. He doesn’t give up or flake out. Throughout the Scriptures, God demonstrates His power over nature (Mark 4:35-41, Exodus 14, John 6:16-24), He demonstrates His power over impossible circumstances (Acts 12:7-10) and He demonstrates His power over the human heart (from Moses to Pharaoh to Saul and even Peter).  If God was once able to control nature, change people and alter circumstances, He remains able to do these things. So how can I forget or even doubt that God is able to provide for me in my life?


    Lord, help us to remember who You are, what You’ve done for Your people and what You’ve promised for us. We’re sorry that we forget, that we get caught up in the world and try to provide for ourselves. God, You are a God of impossibility, and when it looks like there’s no way out or around, help us to never give up on You and to trust in Your plans and Your ability.