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    Dave's Staff Profile


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    We caught up with Dave and asked him some questions about his life and following God.

    Name Dave Absalom 

    Age 27

    Nationality English (and proud) 

    Nicknames Pommie 

    Favourite Teen Ranch Activity?  Canoeing in Summer / Mission Impossible – best night game ever invented! 

    Favourite Teen Ranch Meal? Fish & Chips 

    Favourite thing to do in spare time? Play / Watch / Read about most sports 

    Why did you want to work at Teen Ranch? Initially it was to be able to hang out with young people in an outdoor setting and get to do all the activities and play lots of sport. But my motivation for working here has definitely changed over the years. 

    When did you first start thinking about God?  I first started thinking about God when I was pretty young, growing up in my parent’s church. But it wasn’t until I was at Teen Ranch that I actually came to know Him for myself. 

    What made you want to follow Jesus? I realised there was something missing from my life and that I wasn’t actually as content with life as I thought I was. I saw the effect that Jesus was having on other people’s lives and wanted to have that as well! 

    What difference has it made in your life? It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but I do look at life differently now. Although I definitely make lots of mistakes still, I know that there is a greater purpose to life than just living for myself and living for the moment. Knowing that I am saved by grace helps me to share that love to everyone else around me. Instead of always trying to fulfil my own desires, I now try to do what God wants me to do for the benefit of Himself, my wife, family, friends and others. 

    What does your relationship with God look like on a day-to-day level? I’m really grateful that I get to start off the day with prayer with Asa and some others who live at the Ranch. That really helps to set me up thinking about God for the rest of the day. I try to pray at different times throughout the day as well as spending some time reading the Bible. I want him to be involved with what I get up to throughout the day. 

    What would your advice be to anyone who is thinking about / has just started following Jesus? Talk to people who have already made that commitment. Ask them lots of questions and think about the answers for yourself. Read about Him. There’s loads of great content on the internet (and this blog of course!), but there’s nothing better than just reading about Him straight from the Bible. 

    What are your hopes for the future? Asa and I would love to have kids sometime - We would love to be able to support them all and help our kids discover God for themselves as well. At the moment we’re quite happy enjoying life at the Ranch together.