• Beauty Redefined

    Beauty Redefined


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    Do you feel the pressure to look a certain way? To conform to how you’re told to look to be beautiful? Are you constantly obsessing over your appearance, and portraying the best looking ‘you’? Choosing the right filter for your Instagram or profile pic? 

    Do you ever just want to let go of that and be you? 

    Well, you can. 

    There is a real freedom in not focussing too much on our outer appearance and if we just started to look to God, and what He says about us. 

    The bible reminds us that physical beauty is 'fleeting' -  it lasts only a little while. 

    God is much more interested in our inner lives. He looks at our heart, on attributes that really matter, and are really important in our relationships with others and with God. 

    God loves you, and not because of how you look, but because of who you are.