• Wrestling with Doubt


    15 August, 2014Posted by Melissa

    When you doubt your faith, it is easy for you to think that you must not be a Christian or that this whole Christianity thing must be false. We fall into a trap thinking we must not believe it enough and that it is wrong for us to have doubts. However, most people doubt themselves and many Christians will tell you that at certain points in their lives they have found themselves doubting God. Questions like “How can you believe in something that you cannot see or touch?” or “How do you know that God really cares about you?” may trouble you.

    It is important for you to know that God loves you, whether you doubt him or not, and there are several stories in the Bible of well-known individuals who questioned God and His promises. You just have to look at Thomas (one of Jesus’ disciples) in John 20:24-29, when he was told of Jesus’ resurrection. His response was disbelief and he claimed that he would not believe until he saw Jesus’ wounds with his own eyes. Jesus appeared to Thomas later and showed Thomas his wounds and asked him to stop doubting and believe. Jesus was not angered by Thomas’ disbelief and Thomas went on to spread the news of Jesus and His resurrection to places such as India. Another example is Gideon in the Old Testament. In Judges 6:11-40, God appears to Gideon as an angel and tells Gideon that he will be the one to save the nation of Israel. Gideon not only doubts that it is God who is speaking to him but also doubts himself and why God would use him to save Israel. Gideon tests God three times and it was only then that Gideon was able to trust God and His plan. God did not punish Gideon for his disbelief and Gideon went on to save Israel from its enemy.

    It is comforting to know that people in the Bible also experienced doubt and they were not punished. God does not reject you when you have questions and often the questions you have do not weaken your faith but strengthen it. What is important is how you respond to the questions you have. Seek out answers in the Bible, ask a youth pastor or ask your questions on this blog. Everyone has doubts and it is better that you ask a question, than to let your doubt take you away from God.