• The Story of the Bible


    28 May, 2017Posted by Nick

    If you've been following our blog for a while you may have seen The Bible Project videos pop up from time to time. These guys have done a great job at helping explain the big picture in the Bible with some really great videos.

    This is one of their latest that helps explain the overarching story of the Bible and the story of our humanity ultimately. What you might find interesting is just how tied together it all becomes when it’s explained like this. You may even see a new aspect to the story you’d never seen before.


    This is the second video so far in what will be a long-running series so you may want to subscribe to them to keep an eye on it. It’s definitely worth going back and watching the first video if you click here.

    Hope you enjoy getting to know the story all the more. Love to hear your thoughts and questions about it.