• The Runaway


    25 June, 2014Posted by Adam

    A modern re-telling of the parable of the Prodigal son, a story that describes the love of God towards his children…


    There was a man who had twin daughters and they lived in the south west of Sydney. One of the daughters had started hanging out with a group of friends that introduced her to recreational drugs.  

    After a few months she was almost a different girl and she had become very hard to live with. One day she had a huge fight with her Dad and told him that she had enough of this family and she ran away. She went and lived in Sydney with some friends that she had made recently and after a few months of drug abuse and hooking up with many different guys she found out that she was pregnant.  

    That’s when it dawned on her “what have I done, all my life my father has looked after me, fed me clothed me, guided me, listened to me and loved me”. As she thought about her current situation she said “now the father of this child in me has left and wants nothing to do with me, how I miss my father’s home and my family”. So feeling sad and lonely she gathered up her stuff and hopped on the next train out of Sydney all stations to Campbelltown. While on her way home she reflected on how much she had wronged her dad and family, so she practised her I’m sorry speech and after getting off the train she catches the next bus home. What she didn’t realise is that the many months she was away from home her dad would wait until the two buses had come through past their house in the morning before he would go to work. Then he would make sure that he was home by late afternoon in time for the two buses that came through again. On this particular Friday afternoon the father did the same again he arrived home before the two buses came through only this time he could see his daughter getting off the bus. Before she could even cross the road he raced out the door over the garden jumped the fence and ran over to her giving her a huge hug.  

    Before his daughter could tell her father how sorry she was for running away he was on the phone to different family members organising a BBQ for the family that lived in the area and the neighbours as well. The whole street must have been able to hear the father on the phone he was so excited that his daughter was alive and had returned home.  

    Meanwhile the twin sister who had been living through the pain of watching her dad in anguish for the past few months couldn’t work out why her dad was celebrating so much to the point of even throwing a party. So she questioned her father about his unusual behaviour as she was starting to get quite resentful about the whole thing. She asked him, ‘why didn’t you celebrate like this over me since I mostly obey you all the time and have never caused you this much grief, I mean she’s pregnant for goodness sake’.  

    ‘Oh darling’ the father said ‘you have always stayed with me; you know that I love you and everything I have is yours. Don’t you understand I thought your sister may never return or worse still that she was dead but she’s alive and has returned please share in my joy and celebrate with us’.