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    18 August, 2017Posted by Carly

    Hey there, we're gonna check out the latest video in the Bible Project's series on "How To Read Your Bible". Don't get intimidated by the title of the video and article, the video is well worth your time. Check it out below.

    I don't know about you, but I'm so thankful for this video, sometimes I get so caught up in not being able to understand certain stories or even books of the Bible (Song of Songs anyone?) that I don't dig any deeper or pray through those challenges.

    My challenge to you is to ask God to help you understand what you're reading in your Bible at the moment, meditate on those passages, and wait as God reveals His heart to you through His Word. 

    Finally, I love what the guys say at the end of the video, as we read, as we discover and as we understand what God's Word is, we make His story, our story.