• The Armour of God


    20 May, 2017Posted by Nick

    Recently, some of the guys here and I have gone through the letter to the Ephesians in the New Testament. If you’ve read through the gospels and haven't been sure where to look to next, let me encourage you to take your time and have a look at some of Paul’s letters to the church of the day.

    A great breakdown of the letter can be found on YouTube by the guys at The Bible Project. Click here for the link. I found having my own bible open whilst watching the video helpful and even to pause to read the passages mentioned was a good way to connect the links they make in the video.

    What I personally find a great stand-out thought every time I read through the letter, is in chapter 6, verses 10-20. It’s titled the Armour of God and it creates this image of a soldier dressed in pieces of armour, ready to take a stand against the spiritual forces against us, whilst living in this world.

    What is also different to perhaps our first thought, which might be preparing to be on the attack, is that Paul urges us to “put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Not to charge, not to destroy, but to stand. As followers of Jesus, we’re working with God towards restoring His creation back into right relationship with Him.

    It was also a stark reminder for me that to walk out into battle, unarmored and unprepared would take me out of the battle very very quickly! If we want to be involved, we have to see ourselves as part of an ongoing battle. While the end result of victory is already decided by Jesus conquering death, this does not mean that the enemy isn’t doing everything possible to eliminate our effectiveness in Jesus calling us to go out and make more disciples (Matthew 28:19)

    I want to encourage you to think about this as we start a new week. Thinking about ourselves as more than just physical and as a result, thinking about the gifts and promises of God as part of our defence against different trials, moments of doubt and weakness and how we can be more in step with the Spirit of God that Jesus said would be with any of us that seek to trust and follow Him.