• Random Acts of Kindness


    11 September, 2015Posted by Chloe

    Have you ever had one of those days? Where everything goes wrong and nothing seems to turn out right? And then all of a sudden someone does something that just makes your day? It could be the smallest of blessings, but it can make a huge difference. What if you could be that someone?

    Random Acts of Kindness have become a common thing in the world today. Although, sometimes when we do something kind for someone else we are tempted to brag about our generosity and make it all about ourselves. As a Christian when we show a random act of kindness it is important to give God all the glory and make sure He gets the praise.

    There is a story in the bible about a group of men who did a random act of kindness of their own (Luke 5:17-26). They got together and carried a paralyzed man on his mat to Jesus so that Jesus could heal him. When the crowd was too large to get through they ended up lowering the man down the middle of the roof so they could bring him to Jesus! Jesus sees their faith, forgives the man of his sins and heals the paralyzed man. As a result that man and everyone else started to praise God and give Him glory!

    Just like these men we should honor God, not ourselves when we are kind. Below is a video with a few great examples of random acts of kindness. I hope you are inspired and I would love to hear about how you can apply this to your daily life in the comments below.

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