• It Starts With A Leak


    6 November, 2015Posted by Carly

    Recently in the girls house at the Ranch, we discovered a leak in our downstairs bathroom. The leak was pretty bad, it was dripping water from the roof and the ceiling had gone moldy. It turns out that our upstairs shower had been leaking down to the bathroom below.


    Further investigation found that the waterproofing from the upstairs shower had worn completely away, and therefore was not contained and doing its job. As we were ripping up the bathroom tiles on the floor, again it was discovered that the problem was worse then originally anticipated. The walls of the shower had no waterproofing, so the tiles and walls had to come off the bathroom as well. What started out as initially a small leak, turned into a major operation of gutting the bathroom and will eventually be remade from scratch.


    As I was ripping up the tiles from the floor I was reminded that this is how sin can cripple us. One little sin, or a sin that is not dealt with, can present as a little blemish or mark or nothing at all on the outside, but when examined deeper or more closely, is in reality a major problem. Something that looks small can actually be something huge that can keep us out of God’s holiness, out of His plan for us.


    Now I’m told that the shower leak was something that could have started years and years ago, and that because it didn't present as an outward problem it was left to get worse and worse until it showed the leak - and then it had to be dealt with. This is a perfect analogy of how sin can cripple us, and wreck the way that God intended us to live.


    Romans 3:23 says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. That means we all have sinned, we all sin, and we will sin. But you know what? God doesn’t want us to stay sinners. That’s not His plan for you or me. His plan is love. Through Jesus, God sees us as perfect. When we accept Jesus into our lives and ask for forgiveness and truly repent (that means to change our ways) God says “YOU are perfect”.


    Paul tells us in Romans that we should not conform to the patterns of the world (meaning sin) but we should renew our minds ( Romans 12:2 ). Renewing your mind means examining your life, examining your head and your heart and getting rid of the stuff that does not glorify God. It means to transform your thinking and your actions from sinful patterns and behaviours and letting Jesus be your guide, and with God’s help ( Hebrews 4:16 ), trying to be more and more like Jesus each day. 


    What are the leaks in your life? What looks fine on the outside, but on the inside needs to fixed or dealt with? I want to encourage you to think, let God convict you of the things that need to be renewed and transformed because that is God’s will for you.