• How Do You Relate To Others?


    29 May, 2015Posted by Nick

    In the last 3 seconds, literally, billions of people around the world just did something with technology. The typical case would have been that they used their mobile phone. Whether it was to text, call, check Facebook or Twitter – it can all be done on the mobile.

    The big question in all of this is; if we're spending so much time communicating with someone that's not in the room with us, what ARE we communicating to the people who are with us? This video makes the point that we are actually controlled by the devices we are supposed to use in order to maintain our relationships.  


    The time spent sharing our lives with the world we live in, creates our personality for us. That is, the more time we spend showing the outside world what goes on in our life, clearly the more available we are to that technology that allows us to share. I recently watched my wife send text messages to two people. She was then greeted with the happy little sound that lets you know you have a new message. So she answered them... as well as possibly half a dozen more messages that followed, at which point, she looked at me and kind of half wondering why, said "They wont stop!"

    Common sense would tell you that if you did not encourage a response - you would not have to worry about getting one. My response to my wife was "Stop messaging them then!" Now, we cannot go through life, not talking to people, nor should we. We are built for relationships and so it is no wonder that it becomes more and more common that so many people seek to relate to people by sharing the story of their life through Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or texts. There is however a real danger that what becomes MORE important than the relationships with the people around us - is that our story is the most important. This isn't relating to other people the way we're meant to. Otherwise it turns into one big 'ME' Skit. 

    So here's where I want you to think hard about. How much time do you spend per hour, per day, per week involved in 'relating' to one person at a time, face to face, without distraction? How much time do you spend on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or whatever other social media app has just hit the market? Then write it down - literally work it out and compare. Now ask yourself where is God in all of this? People who make this 'commitment' to follow Christ and to live for God, are firstly, in a relationship with Jesus. It's as simple as that.

    So I'm not saying that you have to give up all your social networks and mobile devices, but I want to challenge you - invest in a relationship that can change your life for the very best, rather than live for relationships that won’t.