• God's Love For Us


    13 February, 2015Posted by Jo

    A few thoughts about God's love for us ahead of Valentine's day tomorrow...

    In the book of Psalms, we can learn a lot about the character of God. One of the things that comes out quite often is the scope of God's love, how His love remains even when we, as His creations, turn our backs on him. This is something that is quite hard to comprehend. Why would God, so inherently good, pour out his love on a person whose life has been tainted by the darkness of sin?

    In Psalm 106, multiple pictures are drawn of the kind of things men do. There is grumbling, disobedience and envy. There is the worship of false gods and the sacrificing of sons and daughters to demons. The psalmist says that the people “prostituted themselves”, which means that they gave up the value of their own lives in an empty pursuit of worth and meaning. This turned to despair as the world as they thought they understood it crumbled in a meaningless pile. The people cried out to the Lord in their trouble. They had gotten themselves into a mess by their own foolishness but their own ways could not get them out again. A harsh God would just have turned His back, but our God is not harsh. He saw the suffering of His people, “he took note of their distress when he heard their cry; for their sake he remembered his covenant (his promise) and out of his great love he relented” (Psalm 106:44-45).

    The deeds of these people are still repeated over and over, just in different ways. Today, people are eating away at their lives by doing drugs, having meaningless sex, putting themselves first, constructing a barrier of lies around themselves or completely disregarding God and all He has provided. All these things create a bitter feeling and sometimes, thankfully, we reach a point where we just have to cry out to God to save us.

    He will hear you.

    Nothing can disqualify you from the love of God and that is possible because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He died where we should have and covered the sins of us all, once and for all. We can have the mercy that God showed in the psalms and nothing we have done or ever do will change that, so long as we trust that God's love is exactly as embracing and as complete as the Bible says.