• Gods Heart for His People


    26 March, 2017Posted by Nick

    "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God..."

    Commandment No. 3 - Exodus 20:7

    What does it mean to you to respect the name of God? To the Israelites it was so important they wouldn't even write it! In our day and age, this commandment often is reduced to not using "Jesus Christ" or "God" as a curse word. Probably because we don't really think about anyone as so deserving of respect that we wouldn't dare use their name wrongly, or without proper respect. 

    We're told in John (in 16:23 - 24 and 14:13 - 14), by Jesus that asking for things in his name has power. This is the same Jesus who in John 8:58 used the same name for himself as God in Exodus 3:13 - 15. Consider also Phillipians 2:9 - 10.

    God is the only one who took a name for himself. All of us, are given a name. This to me says, God is different to all of us. Also, that He is powerful and His name is worthy of respect! Both to the Israelites and to everyone else who comes to know His name.

    There's more to say, so we'll go into it in another article, but I hope this helps us get a better understanding on how to use Gods name as He intended. Love to hear your thoughts!