• Gods Heart for His People


    10 February, 2017Posted by Nick

    When God gave the law to the Israelites he was giving them the things he knew were good for his children to live by, a way to understand God's heart for his people. To have a people that have no desire to respect their leaders or authority would not bring honour to God and make living in a society very unpeaceful. Exodus 20:12 or Deuteronomy 5:16 addresses us as children of our parents.

    "Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you"

    Exodus 20:12

    Ephesians 6:2-3 calls this the first command with a promise. "...so that you may live long in the land..." If we learn to grow up and live in a way that honours those who have authority over us, we are actually more free to live a contented life rather than a life that looks for ways to rebel and seize control for ourselves. If we never learnt to understand that God said it was good for us to obey people like our parents, who raised us, it's very hard to see us learning to hear God when we're called to honour and obey him. 

    Why doesn't it just say obey your father and your mother? To honour your father and your mother suggests I am to live in a way that would lift them up in status, over myself. We often boil it down to obedience because that's the thing that's easiest to see, but it is more about our heart and valuing them above ourselves. It almost sounds like being willing to submit to someone, which for me when I was growing up, was not my natural reaction toward my parents. How about you?

    Consider Colossians 3:17 and Hebrews 12:9.

    What do you think it means to honour someone and then honour someone who is in a place of authority over you? How is honouring different to obeying someone do you think? When the opposite of 'to honour' is 'to shame', how does this challenge the way we look at God's commands for our lives? Love to hear your thoughts on it.