• Gods Heart for His People


    11 November, 2016Posted by Nick

    We often see theft on the news or in the papers and very rarely do we ever entertain the notion to take something that isn’t ours… at least nothing big. So when we think things like “they wont even know its gone.” or “they’d say yes if i asked them anyway.” and justify our actions either for our own guilty conscience or to others who disagree - this is usually a sign that we’ve done the wrong thing. 

    I want for a moment, to get you to think of when someone has done something intentionally, that has been to treat themselves as greater and you as less valuable. I often watch my sons play and one of them will take something without asking the other. What happens next isn’t usually visible on the outside and it’s the heart behind it. For my eldest son to take something off his brother without it being given to him instantly asserts a sense of entitlement over someone else. “I have a right to take this, I am entitled to have it, it is mine, I want it.” 

    This, simply isn’t true in the case of the boys argument. The object they’re fighting over belongs to them both and it is given to them to enjoy together and to share. Even if it had belonged to my eldest, for him to simply take it because he owns it, is to simply disregard any care for his brother’s feelings and to treat him as a lesser person.


    Commandment No.8 - Exodus 20 verse 15

    You shall not steal” addresses God’s desire for his people to seek the good of their neighbours. For us to take something from someone else instantly puts a divide between us, that treats them as lesser and us as superior because somehow our needs and wants are more important.

    God never made us to be at odds with each other but as we’re starting to see, did make us in the image of Himself with His desires at heart. A people in a society that has the good of their neighbour at heart also. Imagine if it were said of us today “They’re so content with what their God has given them and love to see their neighbour prosper as well.”

    How have you seen this attitude at play in your own life? Are Jesus words in Matthew 22 the louder voice or is it more “I want it and I want it now.” Love to hear your thoughts.