• Gods Heart for His People


    28 October, 2016Posted by Nick

    Australian Survivor has just finished and I want to use it as an example. The two finalists were portrayed in two very different ways. One tried to compete with integrity and honesty as their guidelines, the other believed that to win required them to do or say whatever they felt necessary in order to get through each round. Which way would come more naturally to us do you think?

    Commandment No.9 - Exodus 20 verse 16

    “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour”. To give false testimony is an older way of saying do not lie. Often we ask ourselves is telling a lie really that big a deal to God? To answer this, what needs to be looked at again, is God’s desire for His people to value what he values, which is truth and honesty. 

    Can you imagine a society where deception and lying to one another was the normal way of doing things? How hurtful and untrusting we would become, simply because we wanted to say whatever we want in order to get our own way. This is what’s behind the commandment. Life as a normal society cannot function, much less imitate a gracious, loving God if we’re lying behind peoples backs as a way of living. Our relationships would be painful, business would be impossible and justice would not be able to exist.

    Think of it this way. All the lying in Survivor I’m sure is only bearable because at the most, it will be over in 55 days and slowly there are less and less people (and liars) on the island to deal with. It would very quickly stop being a game (or any fun) to the contestants and probably become a lot like hell if it was a permanent situation for them all.


    Do you value truth and honesty? What do you make of Ephesians 4:25 and do you see falseness in your life that has become a way of living? Love to hear your thoughts on your value of truth and honesty!