• Divorce Parties


    28 August, 2015Posted by Gary

    I was reading the Sunday paper a few weeks ago and came across an article that caught my attention, “Why Divorce Parties Are All The Rage”

    I never knew there was such a thing as a divorce party; apparently the trend is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia, where wedding planners double up as divorce planners. In England, department stores even have a divorce registry for gifts.

    What is wrong with us, that we would turn a divorce into a reason to celebrate? Divorce is not a good thing; it's break down of a once loving relationship. It's two people, who at one stage were very much in love and promised each other their lives, getting to a point where they can no longer be together. Divorce is not fun, it's not pretty and definitely not a thing to be celebrated.

    Having experienced divorce first hand with my parents, I know divorce affects people. It hurts. I'm sure it has affected me in ways I probably don't even realise. I know many other people who carry the scars of divorce.

    It just all goes to show the brokenness of the world we live in, the result of all people turning away from God and not living how we were made to live – it shows our sin. It is not Gods desire that marriages end in divorce, in fact the Bible says that “God hates divorce”. It's not that God doesn't understand that relationships are hard at times, or that he wants to force us to do what we're told - it’s that God is relational and made us for relationship. Marriage is a picture of the relationship God wants with his people. When human marriages fail it shows how much we are corrupted by sin and how much sin has destroyed what God had made good.

    It's important to add that relationships are complex and there are times when divorce is the best possible answer, God says so, but it was never his purpose for marriage. Forgiveness and restoration, which can be hard work, are always best. 

    Divorce will happen, but let's not celebrate it. Divorce should be a time to reflect on the root of the problem and on what God intended for marriage.

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