• Arrive Alive


    4 December, 2015Posted by Nick

    Have you ever jumped into the car and thought about what it would be like to drive around with out wearing a seat belt? Chances are if you were anything like my kids, you at least asked why we need them. 


    We all know why. It's because we actually don't know if or when we'll have an accident on the road, and it's there to save us from a critical injury. When we stop to think about this, the consequences could be quite severe, even deadly, and so, we keep the seat belt on. 


    Recently I was reminded, that if I place my trust in Jesus, then I am saved from something the Bible would call severe. It's known as wrath and not just any wrath, but God's wrath. It is right and just and it is mighty. The truth is  Jesus said no one will know when God will call us to account and carry out judgement on the whole of humanity. Read the following passages to see some of what is written in the bible on the matter; Matthew 24:36 - 39, 42 - 44, John 5:21 - 27, Romans 2:5 - 8, 1Peter 4:5, Revelation 20:12.


    The picture I'd like you guys to understand is this. If I know a seat belt can save me and others,  from a car accident, then I put it on and ensure others in the car do also. Similarly, if I know a belief and trust in Jesus saves me from the coming wrath of God, would I choose that, or choose to risk facing God's wrath without a saviour?


     Imagine the disbelief we would have if some one whilst driving down the highway at 100 just undid their seat belt saying "It's ok, I know when I'm likely to crash, I'll put it on just beforehand. " You might think it acceptable driving at 40 through a country town, but certainly not at 100. 


    Often that's our feeling towards a "need" for Jesus. When life feels predictable, we think we can take off Jesus like a seat belt and live how we like, but perhaps when it's not so certain, when things are a little less predictable we want to put the seat belt back on, because that would be the safe or right thing to do. 


    Can I tell you, that isn't a true faith in Jesus, or at least it's a faith, but not in the Jesus of the bible. It would be foolish to not have a seat belt on whilst driving, but not as foolish as to wait for God's wrath to appear and think "I'll believe in Jesus now. ."




    It could cost you your life.