• A Covenant with God


    2 September, 2016Posted by Nick

    Take a look at The Bible Projects video on the topic of God's covenants below.


    Had you ever thought of your relationship with God like that before? Does it remind you of when we looked at that idea of a Messiah and the promises that would be fulfilled by him? Hopefully this helps give you a deeper and richer understanding of just how involved God is with His people, not just in the Old Testament but also now with those who are involved in a renewed covenant relationship with Him, because of the price Jesus paid with his very life for all of us

    To see where Jesus makes a point of this to his disciples , look in Matthew 26:27-28 and like a lot of the time, He is referring to an old promise spoken of by one of the prophets. This time it is Jeremiah in chapter 31, verses 31 - 34.

    What do you think about working in parternship with God toward a restored perfect creation as He intended? Love to know your thoughts on it.