• 1 Peter 2 - By His Wounds


    8 March, 2015Posted by Jo

    “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)

    This verse brings out the extent of what Christ did for us by dying. In reading about this verse, I found the following story...

    During the Napoleonic wars in France it was the custom for men to be conscripted into the army by a kind of lottery system – if your name was drawn, then you were forced to take up arms. If, however, you could find someone to take your place, then you were exempt. On one occasion, a man's name was pulled and he was approached by the authorities to join up. He said to them, however, “I died two years ago”. He was clearly not mad, so they questioned him further and he told them that two years ago his name had been pulled. At the time, however, he had a large family and therefore had many people depending on him. His close friend has volunteered to take his place and had been killed in the war. Records confirmed this story and after Napoleon himself had examined the case, it was declared that the country had no legal claim to the man. He was free because another man had died in his place.

    This is a story which mirrors to some extent what Christ did for us. He took on our sins, the things which scar us from the inside out and which cannot be erased by our own efforts. He took on the weight of every wrong deed ever done and which ever will be done and bore the horrific penalty for them all. Why? So that through Him, if we trust in what He did, we might have a free life – not necessarily a life free from pain and suffering, but a life free from the looming penalty of sin. This is the healing that this verse is talking about. It is healing from the darkness of evil.

    Are you ready to ask God for forgiveness and accept his healing from your sin? Or have you done so already? Feel free to share your experiences below or email us.